Project management

Professional project management services for digital marketing communications projects.

Project management

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If you need help managing your digital marketing projects, I offer professional project management services. I am primarily focused on digital marketing, with a specific emphasis on crucial areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), web traffic analytics, and inbound marketing.

These areas are essential components of a successful digital marketing campaign, and my expertise and knowledge in these areas ensure that your projects are executed to the highest standards.

As a professional offering project management services, I can support you in achieving your marketing goals and maximizing your online presence.

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Driving digital marketing projects

As a project manager, I understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies. That’s why I stay current with the latest SEO techniques, web traffic analytics tools, and inbound marketing strategies. I use this knowledge to help my clients achieve their marketing goals and drive growth.

Whether you need help with a specific project or require ongoing project management services, I am here to help. My services include developing marketing strategies, planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, and analyzing results to continuously optimize your marketing efforts.

I understand that SEO and digital marketing can be complex and overwhelming, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why I am committed to providing personalized project management services that fit your unique needs and budget, while delivering high-quality results.

If you are looking for a reliable project manager for your digital marketing project, look no further. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you achieve your marketing goals. I am dedicated to helping businesses succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Below are two examples from my professional working life where I have experienced more or less full time management lead of major marketing communication projects and programs.

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Marketing project management in Getinge Life Science

As a project manager in marketing communications at Getinge Life Science, I was responsible for owning and driving the global marketing and branding strategy. My role included the execution of all strategic and tactical measures for enhancing brand recognition, generating marketing and sales qualified leads, and utilizing all relevant digital marketing technologies for optimum execution.

I owned the content management and channel management, ensuring optimum exposure in the buyer journey. I worked closely with subject matter experts, product managers, and key account managers throughout different marketing communication projects, planning, executing, and reporting on marketing communication projects and global digital marketing campaigns.

One of my major achievements was introducing the inbound marketing approach internally throughout the organization. I managed the execution of several online awareness and lead generation campaigns for strategically important product ranges, achieving breakthrough solution awareness in laboratory markets in Japan and India. This led to the identification of six new major prospects, resulting in several new sales contracts.

I also played a key role in the successful market launch of a new washer product line and the launch of a major update of a strategic sterilizer product line. Additionally, I built up complete value propositions for a range of products in the portfolio, ensuring that all messaging was aligned with the brand strategy and business goals.

As part of my responsibilities, I established and engaged a global subject matter expert team of over 50 key internal stakeholders, securing the marketing content flow in all channels. This collaborative approach ensured that all marketing communications were aligned with the brand strategy, product messaging, and business goals.

In summary, my experience as a project manager in marketing communications at Getinge Life Science allowed me to develop and execute a global marketing and branding strategy. My achievements in introducing the inbound marketing approach, managing online campaigns, and identifying new prospects resulted in significant business growth. Additionally, my successful market launches and complete value propositions for a range of products in the portfolio demonstrate my ability to deliver successful projects that align with brand strategy and drive business goals.

Program management online services at Tetra Pak

As a program manager at Tetra Pak, I was responsible for driving and managing the global customer portal program. This program aimed to provide customers with personalized services, improving operational efficiency and increasing sales. My role included planning and executing the implementation of the program globally, ongoing improvements of the solutions, and ensuring the strategy was aligned with commercial needs and business processes.

In addition to general management responsibilities, I also oversaw the execution of the global roll-out and implementation of the program. This included driving improvements in user experience, identifying customer needs for new digital services and functions, and optimizing the portal usability by mapping and identifying the customer journey. I worked closely with the central IT team to drive development projects and configure solutions where required.

One of my key achievements was the successful implementation of the online services, with 90% of customers globally using the portal solutions. I also managed development projects for a range of new online digital tools and services, helping to further enhance the customer experience and drive efficiency.

Alongside project management, I also played a vital role in change management, engaging stakeholders and aligning how the customer portals changed the way of doing business with customers. I mobilized the Tetra Pak’s global sales organization and KAM organization, ensuring they embraced the opportunities the online services provided.

Overall, my experience within project management at Tetra Pak allowed me to hone my skills in managing global projects, driving improvements in user experience, identifying customer needs, and optimizing solutions for greater efficiency. My achievements in implementing the online services and managing development projects demonstrate my ability to deliver successful projects and drive business growth.

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